Harford County Real Estate Agent Takes Home Seller from Stressed to Sold!!

Fish Guy StoryHarford County Real Estate Agent Takes Home Seller from Stressed to Sold!! 
Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty 
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Michele reached out to Dennis & Patsy upon noticing that their home had expired on the market. After looking at the listing, Michele wondered why this “investment property” was not successful in selling the first time. Dennis was willing to meet with Michele to discuss a different approach to getting his home sold. Compass Home Group is a your premier Harford County Real Estate Agent, serving Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Cecil County. When Michele visited the home, it was all packed up already. Dennis & Patsy were ready to move.

Dennis & Patsy actually were successful in getting a contract but unsuccessful reaching closing. Once that contract fell through, they weren’t successful getting another offer and felt, at the time, a move just wasn’t in the cards. It was heartbreaking and they explained that the reason for the move was to get closer to Patsy’s family. Her mom was recently ill and the need to get “back home” was more apparent than ever before. Dennis & Patsy were completely hospitable and over a few Danishes and coffee, a plan to successfully position and market their home was laid out. Compass Home Group was successful in getting two offers on their home. A few road blocks presented with inspections, however, with teamwork fueled by their motivation, those obstacles were overcame easily. Compass Home Group got them on the road to Kentucky and completely handled the sale here while they were on the road moving across state lines in order to purchase their new home on time. Upon finalizing the move, Dennis & Patsy gave each and every member of our team mugs that ensure we’ll never forget them. Dennis’s pet fish was very much adored…and to Compass Home Group, he’ll always be known as “the fish guy!”  

Dennis and Patsy’s Experience
Compass Home Group was first to observe that my house was off the real estate market. We were even unaware of this fact. Michele showed willingness to get the house sold after eight months of nothing going on. We would highly recommend Compass Home Group, Harford County Real Estate Agents, because they are a professional group of people that do their jobs very, very well. They cover all aspects of selling as well as showing their emotions along with their clients. All staff members work well with all family members… including pets. Many thanks from the “Fish Guy”!!!!  

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty  
Tim Langhauser & Michele McCartin 
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