Your #1 Harford County Real Estate Agent Team Brings Dreams Home

Your #1 Harford County Real Estate Agent Team Brings Dreams Home 
Megan and Jesse and Their Story 
Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty 
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StoryJesse & Megan called Compass Home Group, your #1 Harford County Real Estate Agent Team, on a home that was currently listed. They were so excited to see this home, Michele made an appointment to get them on the inside quickly! At the time we met, Jesse & Megan were able to talk with Michele about the feature they loved about this home the most was its private setting. The home, at that time, had an offer on it but nothing had been accepted. Jesse & Megan were going to think it over and get back Michele the next day. Low and behold, when they called, the seller of what they thought was their dream home had decided to move forward with the offer that was on the table.

Jesse & Megan were upset but not crippled by this news. They wanted to see what else was out there so an appointment to understand their budget, a buyer consult, and a review of the market was set up! It was in the land of Eden Mill that they did find their new home after almost believing that it just wasn’t going to happen. A buyer fell out of the sky for their home in Pennsylvania creating a sense of urgency for them to get back to Maryland. While the response from the seller took a super long time, big smiles were felt through the phone when Michele call Jesse & Megan to tell them their contract had been returned and we were moving toward settlement.

The home passed inspections with flying colors and everything came together so seamlessly. When the walk-through was set, Michele showed up to a refrigerator on the porch and a U-Haul in the driveway. Jesse & Megan were certainly excited about moving in!! Compass Home Group was certainly thrilled to bring their dreams home!!!

 Jesse and Megan’s Perspective
We met Michele at a home she selling. We called the number listed online. We did miss our opportunity to buy that home but she was so wonderful, we decided to use her to find another home…a better home! We would absolutely recommend Compass Home Group to anyone in need of real estate services. Michele coordinated every meeting and inspection from start to finish. It was a wonderful and easy process made possible by her! Whether you are buying or selling in a home, around the country, make sure to reach out to the Compass Home Group your #1 Harford County Real Estate Agent team first!! Let us help bring your dreams home!!  

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty  
Tim Langhauser & Michele McCartin  
Call or Text 443-360-0086 for information Broker: 443-512-0090 

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