Meet Our Team

Tim Langhauser, originally born in Long Island, NY, moved with his family when he was 5 years old and never looked back. Having lived mostly all of his life in Harford County, Tim enjoys the setting that this county provides and maintains his residence within the county where he is a raises his son, Zachary

Have earned a Dual Bachelors Degree in Electronic Business and Marketing from Towson University, Tim went on to obtain an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Baltimore.  Tim has worked for Keller Williams American Premier Realty as the operations manager since its inception in 2006.  In this capacity, he served as a leader, oversaw financials, processed contracts, organized technology components, taught, and implemented systems for the office that are still in use today.  He is now part owner and serves the office as a technology coordinator.  Tim chose to obtain a real estate license and serve the public because of his passion to fund a dream that is close to his heart.  A project he calls, “the Zoo” and it will be coming to you very soon!  Ask him about it!

Tim is an energetic leader and a positive thinker.  He has the ability to settle disputes quickly and search for solutions.  As a pioneer, Tim loves a challenge and has the ability to show others direction.  Tim is energized by activity so technology is something that he excels at easily.  Use of systems and process are a natural for him and he takes pride in the accuracy and detail of his work.

Tim participates greatly in coordinating events for charity.  KW RED Day and Putts-for-Bucks are only a few events that he has organized to raise tens of thousands of dollars for local organizations and KW Cares.

Tim believes that if you have the right mindset, you can achieve anything.  He is excited by the new opportunities presented to him daily by helping others reach their goals through the buying and selling of real estate.  Tim provides quality in all his work and always looks for innovative and creative ways to reach goals, both his goals and the goals of his clients, customers, and the associates he serves.

Tim enjoys spending time with his family.  As a child, his family frequented Ocean City, MD and it is still a place he retreats to today.  An avid “beach bum”, Tim loves all the fun that the Eastern Shore provides and wants to provide his son the same experience and family moments.  Tim also enjoys golf, music, and sports.  Tim takes pride in the home teams and loves good ol’ Baltimore Raven’s football, Orioles Magic, and those Washington Caps.  Tim loves to travel and experience new adventures.

Tim is excited about helping you map out your next adventure and looks forward to assisting you in your move.  Call him today…Bringing Dreams Home.

Michele McCartin was born and raised in the City of Baltimore, MD.  As one of five children, she appreciates the chaos of a large family. That’s why this city girl has retreated to the quiet tranquil setting of Harford County, Maryland.  She lives in Bel Air with her two sons, Wade and Brayden.

Her life has been turned upside down and all around. She appreciates the roller coaster. It is a thrilling adventure! She is not a victim…but a VICTOR…and victory is her certainty! One thing in life that is constant…is change! She embraces it! She looks onward to building her life by her design. Happiness is doing all things that you love to do and doing them well. Are you contributing to your happiness? Possibly over coffee, she’ll get to tell you all about herself one day. For what you find here is her now…and, she gives you this as her background.

Michele entered real estate from a law background in 2001.  She wanted to get “somewhere” faster.  She had her first son at a young age and providing a future for him was her motivation. She has managed real estate offices as well as sold both new construction and resale residential.  She has served on Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council (ALC) and has had the privilege of leading the office to tremendous success in the last few years.  As Team Leader/CEO, her vision is to cultivate and breed opportunity and to have that opportunity turn into marvelous success.  She has learned so much and continues to take in everything she can to change the destiny of her children’s children.  She strives to change the pathways of her partners in the business and her clients.  She yearns to help you discover from within your reason for wanting more.  Stretching the mind is so fascinating to her!  Knowledge is power and provides a confidence that you can always stand behind.  She has a passion for educating, training, and serving others.  She dreams BIG…way BIG! You’ll find that she is 100% committed to anything she does or says she is going to do.  She is loyal, kind, and compassionate.  While she is extremely conservative, you’ll find that she is hysterically FUN.  Laughter changes the soul so, she believes, you should do it often!

It is Michele’s opinion that if you are compassionate, honest, and hard-working, success happens. Open your mind and your heart and it just occurs.  You have to remain focused…diligent…and then get out there in the big world and make it happen.  She believes in quality, professional service with heart.  She genuinely cares about our her  clients, her associates, and the business. She cares about achieving their goals.  Helping people chart the course for their needs so that, together, she can make dreams a reality brings joy to her soul.

She loves to scrapbook so that she can relive all of her memories.  She loves to look at the stars and sit near an outside fire. It’s not camping that she loves (although her boys do), it’s the connection you can find around an outside fire or doing things together when you take away all the other elements of life…especially all that technology.  And, it’s amazing that you can find that connection with others or within your own soul when you just find a quiet moment to listen.

She loves music! All kinds of music too…just like she loves all kinds of people!!! People and music fill your soul and can be instantly mood changing. And, if you ask anyone that knows her…she loves to dance! Think about it…when people leave your presence, are they changed for better or for worse? She lives to be an inspiration…to bring a smile to all that walk away from her…to pay it forward in all circumstances. She is going to challenge you to do that too!!!

Michele yearns to travel…near or far…She wants to see the world.  She personally wants to experience all of the beauty that has been so kindly gifted to her. You can live a life full of experiences or a life full of excuses…but you got to pick! Michele picks the feeling…the adventure…and she is creating a long bucket list and scratching things off as she goes.

Michele sincerely supports a cure for Chron’s.  Her little sister, Jen, is living with Chron’s and has brought home for her, personally, the need to bring awareness to this cause. She watches her struggle with this illness that effects so many. It has changed her life drastically. It has changed Michele as well. In this world, we walk around ignorant to so many things until we are personally affected by the harshness that illness can sometimes bring. This is a devastating disease and there is no cure. It is her continual prayer that she will find healing and that a cure, one day, will be detected.

Michele also supports breast cancer awareness and a cure for same. Some woman near and dear to her heart have fought off this disease. And, Michele has been lucky enough to have them win!  She knows the devastation this disease can bring to a woman and a family and is inspired, as a woman, to continue the fight for a cure! Her friends have fought so bravely! She is inspired by the warrior within each of them.

There is so much Michele’s story that goes into making her, her.  To fit it all in this page would be crazy.  Her story is constantly being written but surely needs to be printed and bound.  Her question to you is…does yours?

Michele wants see your world change!  Don’t stare at the blank page before you….write your inspirational story with creativity and meaning.  Make it impactful, meaningful….but most importantly, make it about you!  It’s your legacy…..what are you leaving behind?  Bring your dreams home and call Michele and the Compass Home Group today!


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